Upper Intermediate S

Takami Torao
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Expressing likes and dislikes

  • Like 表現

    I'm really into ~. (~に夢中)
    There's nothing better than ~. (~以上のものはない)
    I/You can't beat ~. (~には勝てない)
    I don't mind ~. (~は気にならない)
    I like ~ very much. (~はとても好き)

    Dislike 表現

    I can't stand ~. (~には我慢ならない; can't stand = loathe = hate)
    doesn't do anything for me. (私は~が魅力的だとは感じない)
    There's nothing worse than ~. (~ほど悪いものはない)
    I don't like ~ at all. (~が全く好きではない)
    I'm not so keen on ~. (~にそれほど熱心ではない)

    Like / Dislike の転換

    I've grown to ~. ((今では)~するようになった; or, come to)
    I've gone off ~. ((今では)~があまり好きではない / 嫌気がさしている)